Just a little bit about us...

Hi there! Tennille and Hendrik here! We are the creators of Enventit, Australia’s fastest growing event planning platform. We thought we would share the background of our story and why we got started.  

How did we get our idea?

A few years ago, after planning numerous events and a wedding.. we realised just how time consuming, and at times frustrating it can be to contact many suppliers, constantly repeating yourself so you can get a few quotes and hopefully choose the best supplier. And that’s how our idea of Enventit got started, instead of approaching suppliers individually why not let them come to you. For event vendors its a great business opportunity to have access to a customer who might not previously have reached out or knew of them – it’s a win win right!?

Why did we create Enventit?

Planning every part of an event takes time and careful research because of course it needs to be amazing and perfect. No one wants an average event they want a day to look back on and smile. Not everyone has time or know how to find and contact suppliers suitable for their event so we have made it simple for event organisers, whether it’s a mum planning her kids birthday, a best man planning a bucks or a sister planning a baby shower, by being able to plan on a single platform and have all the suppliers they need at their finger tips. Our aim and hope is that the Enventit platform will take the stress out of event organising and give organisers confidence that they had access to the best suppliers.

We want to give all businesses, big and small, equal opportunity to gain exposure and access to new customers. We want to help businesses succeed and that’s why listing on the platform free so all businesses registered with us get free access to any quote requests that come in. This in turn means organisers will get quotes from the best suppliers in their area not just suppliers who paid us a listing fee, which is asked from other directories.

We truly believe we’ve created a platform that helps everyone and it’s exciting to see how many suppliers have jumped onboard so quickly. We hope you enjoy the Enventit platform.