For Event Suppliers / Businesses

  • What fees will I be charged?

    It’s completely FREE to register and create your own personal page on Enventit.

    To respond to quote requests you’ll need to purchase credits which allows you to contact customers who have requested your service. Credits required vary based on the product/service but typically they are as low as $1 - $3. That’s it, there’s no further charge and once you’ve made contact you're free to communicate with the customer until the job is done.

  • Do I have to provide a quote?

    No, you have no obligation to provide a quote.

    Enventit will provide basic information you need to make a quote, however if more information is needed you’re free to contact the customer before providing a quote.

  • What notifications will I receive?

    As a default Enventit will notify you whenever a live request has been posted which matches your services, or when a customer has viewed your profile and requested a quote from you directly.

    You can control which notifications you receive by logging into your account.

For Event Organisers

  • What fees will I be charged?

    Nothing, our services to you are entirely free.

  • I haven’t received any quotes

    That’s ok, there could be many reasons why you haven’t received a quote yet. When completing a request be as descriptive as possible, this will increase your chance of receiving quotes because it will show suppliers you’re not just seeing what’s out there but genuinely interested in their business. 

    You can also try browsing through our suppliers and requesting quotes from them directly, or simply sit back, relax and give it more time.

  • Do I have to accept a quote?

    No, you have no obligation to accept a quote, whether you choose to accept a quote or not is completely up to you.

    We do encourage customers to respond to suppliers, and if another quote has been accepted we encourage customers to close the request as soon as possible so no unnecessary quotes are received.

  • How many suppliers will see my request for a quote?

    Unique to Enventit, all suppliers registered with us will see your request if it matches their services. For example, if you are looking for mobile pizza caterers, any supplier who can offer this service will be notified and able to respond to your request.

    Unlike traditional event planners we don’t have just a select few suppliers who we approach.

  • I want to stop receiving quotes and notifications

    Not a problem, you can close your request at any time by logging into your account.

  • What do I do once I’ve accepted a quote?

    That’s great, the supplier will be in contact with you shortly.

    Once a quote has been accepted, we encourage you to close the request as soon as possible so no unnecessary quotes are received. We also ask that you please provide a review for the supplier to promote them and help others make the right choice.

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